Roundup of recent results

Lots of results to catch up on:

Poole B was playing at home to Poole A. Poole A however was playing away to Poole B. The home team won. In another upset it seems that Poole B are the team that get fired up for the local derby where Poole A perhaps don’t want to go too heavy on their club mates, but any kindness is taken advantage of and Poole B has taken two wins from Poole A and are the only team to have taken any points Poole A. Both teams are going strongly with Poole A in a good position join top, and now there are no more Poole teams to play. Poole B are sitting one point behind after a recent spate of wins. Wimborne are sitting between the two trying to spoil the party and still with both Poole teams to play which may be the pivotal matches.

Poole B 2.5 – 1.5 Poole A

Poole E had an away match at Bournemouth with a last minute drop out meaning Daniel had his first game in div 5. He showed his quality to claim an important win which helped the team pick up the points. Apparently that puts his performance grade at 1663! Harry is next with 2 points out of a possible 3 and a performance grade of 1489, about 250 above his listed grade. The kids are doing alright!

That takes us to the Bacchus league where Poole were hosting the latest crop of Ringwood players. Well done to Sev for his first game for the club and celebrating it with a win against a very promising youngster, both players will soon be climbing the leagues. Dragos was back at the table and likewise claimed a win. Both games were very closely fought and were decided by misplaced queens, Dragos won the queen for a rook which gave an advantage but his opponent kept battling and Dragos brought the game to a nice checkmate. Angus was a last minute sub and is becoming a regular feature across the Bacchus and division 5, between the two he’s on 3.5 out of 7 which is a very solid rate considering he’s playing up to div 5 and is still a very new player. Jonathan was the last to finish in an unsuccessful close battle, It’s great to see the games starting to go deeper into the time to allow more analysis of the positions and he’s improving nicely and also is holding a 50% win rate.

It’s fantastic seeing the group of new players on both sides being able to play competitive games in the Bacchus without the pressures of B&DCL, the standard of the games are far higher than I was expecting and each game could have gone either way. It shows that it’s a great way of giving the players much needed development and will no doubt allow them to launch into the higher divisions in the next seasons. We’ve already seen Daniel, Dragos and Angus picking up wins in division 5, and Harry is a regular div 5 player after playing in the Bacchus last year.

If any new or potential members want to get involved in the Bacchus league then let myself or one of the captains know and we’ll try to get you in a game as soon as possible!

Next up is Poole C away to Wimborne to keep pressure on Ringwood B, if they keep pace then it could all come down to the last game of the season which is between the two teams. No doubt Tim would be the last game to finish with everyone crowded round.

Mon 20th is unfortunately not in the main hall. There’s an event so any chess will be in the bar area and you are warned that it may well be noisy with the event going on and the football on, but if you’re fine with the distractions then I’ll see you there!

February 15, 2023