RIP Phil Sorensen

Phil Sorensen was the A Team Captain when I joined Poole Chess Club many years ago: I will tell you how long ago… I played on Board 1 until usurped by a certain Oscar Garcia, and Chip played below me. It was that long ago!

Phil had great deal of enthusiasm for this game of chess, taking care with team selection, bringing on new players and providing detailed match reports, often published in the early hours of the morning! His plan was always to sneak Poole into Division 1 and, under his leadership, so we did in 2013.

He continued as A Team Captain until the end of the 2015/16 season when we consolidated our mid-table position in BDCL 1. He left Poole in a strong position, built upon in subsequent seasons to our current level. Phil was certainly responsible for establishing the foundations of our more recent successes.

I remember Phil as calm, organised and with an underlying passion for bringing Poole Chess Club forward. I liked Phil. RIP.


David Fuller
March 11, 2023