Ringwood B 1.5 vs 2.5 Poole C

We headed to the Original White Hart for a few casual pushes of pieces in this fine evening with the final flecks of snow dissipating. Sunday there was uncertainty about the perils of a trip to this hospitable location but all fine and the White Hart nice and cosy and the reception warm.

Once all drinks were in place and as an after thought, the pieces as well, then the games began.

Eric started aggressively against Alan Wykes, however a marvelous pawn push to f4 threatened a Knight and also threatening advancing to a pin on the next square, an excellent move winning a piece. I’d never bet against Eric in that situation though and he kept fighting and tried to take some Pawns compensation and find what momentum he could. In reality Alan had a solid position, with some exchanges and isolated Pawns Eric tried to get what he could from the game, but in the end a spare Bishop in the endgame proved telling.

1 – 0 to Ringwood.

Simon was pitting his wits against a solid Rob Davenport. Nicely castled and in the protection of the King side Simon pushed forwards, his pawns pushing at his opponent, proper C Team mentality, and soon enough had the exchange, then a clear piece up. There was still play in the game but Simon closed it out expertly.

1 – 1

I was fairly uncomfortable on top board and was nearly developing a fear of heights, after being decimated in my debut in Division 1 and now playing someone 12 points ahead of me. Not to mention someone who fairly recently (last season?) also tore me apart in a league match, confidence wasn’t running high. However Pete Donaldson is always good for an entertaining game, so we got stuck into an open game with the odd thought of how I could steal a draw. After a few exchanges his b pawn was doubled, and I steadfastly refused to un-double them for him, eventually causing them to be tripled. At this point I was refusing lines which would allow a draw and trying to force a win. Unfortunately I couldn’t make the most of the position and agreed a draw a pawn up but with Rooks making things annoying, too annoying for 3 minutes to conclude.

1.5 – 1.5 to keep it dramatic!

On board 4 Mike was playing Malcolm day with the black pieces. It was a very even game until white attacked with some powerful Knights but Mike was able to pin one of the unsupported attackers against the king. A piece up took the pressure off Mike, and off the other games that were still playing at this point! Mike managed a stunning move forking King, rook and bishop. With a proud check there were then confused looks. After it was agreed it was an illegal move, play resumed as normal. From here it was a case of waring the opponent down to a victory.

1.5 – 2.5 Thank you Mike for securing the win!

Looking at the table it’s all very tight. Poole C is at the top having played a game more, but with very tough games against Wimborne (2 points behind) and Southbourne (3 points behind) left in the season. Wednesday should be an interesting game as those two compete in what could be a decisive match.

Thank you all for some excellent games, and thank you to our gracious hosts.

March 19, 2018