Puzzle Page 27th March

Clocks go forward this weekend

Don’t play Chess early Sunday morning, you might loose on time!

27/3 a)  Kasparov v West 1977     White to move and win

27/3 b) Vallejo Pons v Pereishteyn 1999    White to move and win

Last weeks solutions:-

19/03a White to move and win

1. Qg8+ RxQ 2.Nf7 mate


19/03b White to move and force checkmate

1.Qh5 pxQ 2.Bxh7 mate

Ran out of toilet paper earlier, so I’m doing that embarrassing ‘trouser at the knee waddle’ to get some more………

I’m about half way to ASDA now!

March 27, 2019