Purbeck v Poole E Monday 10 April

Steve’s barmy army triumph again

Igor – usually solid as a rock, was caught off guard and like waiting for a bus gave him not one, not two but trebled pawns! With so many targets his opponent was spurred on and finally Igor succumbed to the might of an 89 year old.

David B – the stalwart – calm and calculated play lead to a repetition of moves three times – draw agreed.

Richi – with the black pieces against the Scotch played a strong game countering whatever his opponent threw at him. In the endgame, Richi played very well to force his opponent into resignation. A very assured and confident performance. I am sure Richi’s opponent had a few more scotches after the game.

Tim – built a strong attack. His opponent defended well but went into a losing endgame. David B – after some cunning observations made the comment of the night. ‘Tim you bored that guy into resignation’. Sometimes chess is ugly.

The next game is the crunch match that will see us or New Milton hold the lead in the league.

Adam Jaggard
April 18, 2017