Poole team progress in the B & D L Handicap 1st Round

One of the highlights of the 1st round draw were the current holders – Poole playing the previous year’s winner Highcliffe.

The fun of the competition is not knowing the strength of the opposition in terms of grades so we opted to share high and medium /lower grades to get the desired result. It is of course a lottery or maybe a game of Poker!

It seemed to work out with  the final score of Poole 4.5/1.5 Highcliffe – but we needed 3.5 on the grading differential to progress.

Individual results were:

O.Garcia 1/0 C.Westrap

M.Duggan 1/0 K.Smith

S.Patterson 0.5/0.5 R.Halse

R.Smith 0/1 J.V. Heekeren

A.Jaggard 1/0 R.Salinger

C. Roberts 1/0 R.Howell

Well played all in a team event and we move on to the next round. As always its a pleasure to host the Highcliffe team.



February 21, 2018