Poole Rooks v Wimborne – Bacchus League

After rushing back from Hemel Hemstead’s brilliant ‘Warner Brothers Harry Potter Tour’ one or two Innuendo’s were prominent on my mind.

Like Aragog (an Acromantula, a spider), we were an 8 legged team

Not ‘Hogwarts Castle’ but the ‘Poole Castle’, sorry ‘Poole Rooks’ steamed into action, groans were soon heard coming from board 1 where Joe’s opponent summonded the Dementors, who sucked the life out of Joes pieces, ‘Avada Kedavra’! was the silent spell cast, bringing the game to a sad death. 0-1 to Wimborne.

Mike on board 2 used his own type of Portal to get his Rook on the back rank, waved his wand, Exspelliarmus! game over, 1-1

Steve on board 4, used his table lamp as a Patronus, blinded and dazzled his opponent into a Goblet of Fire, only ashes remained, 2-1

Graham on board 3, used the Maurader Map to see where his opponent was going, spotted the King and Queen on the same Diagon Alley, like Nagini the snake, slid his Bishop onto the path, the pin is mightier than the Gryffindor sword, the Ukrainian Ironbelly Dragon breathed fire into the game, before you could say “he who must not be named” the blockbuster was over, 3-1

Departing the Chamber of Secrets and gracing the bar for a well earned Butterbeer, the Rooks celebrated another win.


If you’re a Harry Potter fan, the exhibition is absolutely fantastic,

If you’re not a Harry Potter fan, the exhibition is absolutely fantastic.

Go and see it!





February 21, 2020