Poole E v Southbourne D

Its been a pleasure captaining this team. We’ve punched above our weight all season and our final position in the league (4th) doesn’t do justice to the way we have played.

It was a lovely sunny evening. John Harris arrived with most of his merry team and we kicked off.

Board 1

John – the wiley old fox played his usual solid slow build up of forces. Adam seemed to neutralise the situation and offered a draw. John turned this down – another offer game shortly afterwards as Adam assessed the position as drawn. John – with his years and years and years of experience saw more and said ‘I’ll play for the win….’ True to his word he played on and pressed Adam into submission.


Board 4

I was playing Chris Lane. The opening was completely even. Adam afterwards perfectly described the position as ‘exploded’ – in my face. I tried to dig myself an ounce of something from the game but there was nothing there for me. Lesson learnt – as Mike Duggan’s says ‘take up knitting…’


Board 2

Tony faced Bermuda Dave. Tony played a very nice, calm and controlled game. He came a little unstuck somewhere and went a piece down. Most of the pieces came off to reach a rook, pawns endgame. Dave had the advantage but Tony – never say die – kept Dave under pressure to find the best moves. Tony was merrily moving his rook all over the board – in front – behind to the side to the left, to the right. It was a like a line dancing event. Eventually Dave found the right moves to gain an unstoppable win. It was very enjoyable watching Tony’s resourcefulness.


Board 3

Chris Roberts for us versus Southbourne’s P. Sandy (fitting for the current climate and beautiful location we reside in). Chris played some really good chess against the experience of Sandy. A complex position resulted but Chris had an edge. She gradually increased the pressure and achieved a winning position. Mr Sandy with no choice resigned before the curtains were drawn for him. Chris has played extremely well this season and her opponents whatever their grade have been very complimentary about her strength and solidity on the board. Well done Chris.


We may have lost but with Chris’s win we’ve done Poole D a favour as they only need to draw or win against Wimborne E to clinch the title. Mr Ambrose recounted some statistical analysis on board difference – away – home numbers, average number of days in February, the world cup statistics and weather predictions using chaos theory. The result of which was Poole D need to play well win or drawn against Wimborne E.

Poole E will be back next season – more experienced and stronger.


Adam Jaggard
May 21, 2018