Poole E punch above their weight again to create an exciting finish to the season in Division 4

I was very excited but nervous about this fixture – excited because I knew we could win it – nervous because I consider Wimborne E to be one of the best in our Division. It was the usual story for us – out-graded on every board but this is where Poole E thrive.

Board 1

Ciaran had a solid defensive position against Tim Joyce’s English. Tim got a little too aggressive on the board with his Queen and Ciaran deftly won the exchange Rook for Bishop. He then calmly sought to exchange pieces and made the added value of that piece count to win the game. Ciaran has played superbly all year on Board 1 and this I think is one of his best victories. Anyone that has played Tim Joyce will tell you how solid he is and not an easy scalp. A very impressive start to the evening.

Board 2

Adam exchanged some pleasant surname stories with Mr Cornes – apparently but not surprisingly Cornish name and Jaggard – who were in ancient times Merchants. And I thought Adam was related to Mick from the ‘stones’ – class band! much better than the Beatles. On to the game. Adam played his fianchettoed styled opening with white and an incredible about of tension was created in the centre of the board. Adam nicely position his Queen on the h-file and smoothly lifted his rook to join her. His opponent defended well using amongst other pieces his Queen. Adam then danced his undeveloped pieces onwards, plotting an intricate path for his knight to join the fun. Exchanges occurred leaving Adam with a superior endgame which he converted like Wenger’s replacement with youth and panache at their side he secured the win.

Board 3

I had the Black pieces with a nice solid opening and very equal middle-game. Phil Wallace my opponent then started to co-ordinate his knights very nicely. This forced the exchange of my very good knight on f4 for his duff one. This turned things turned slightly in his favour. He’s pretty good with knights – a point I’ve noted. I had overstretched my king-side pawns which allowed him to plant his remaining knight in my heartland. I had to defend very well to keep things together and so my position became very passive. Phil went a pawn up but this actually gave me some activity so was not too bad. With loads of tension still between the pieces he started advancing his Queen side pawns. I whipped a few off and then took another one with my Bishop but missed that his Queen could destroy my bishop immediately. At this point – Phil had a clear advantage with a minor piece for a pawn but then out of nowhere he blundered his Queen. I was over the moon and thought I am now completely winning from what looked like a losing position. I pressed the advantage but ran out of ideas when his king hid in the corner. This allowed him to start checking me and he played what I thought was the best chess of the game to plan and execute a mating attack with both rooks and bishop. I was literally in tears as I looked at the board in disbelief. Thankfully being Captain its not about individual performances – good or bad its about the team.

Board 4

Chris opened with the London System and quickly discovered that her opponent, James Fox, lived up to his name. He certainly came out better at the end of the opening. Luckily, Chris spotted his wily mating attacks and was able to counter them, although she found herself a piece down! However, this is where Chris really shows her resolution – ‘never give up’. She dug in and slowly won back a piece, by which time she had queen and rook against his queen and bishop. She also had a flotilla of pawns, but his last pawn was close to queening. So, there was a great deal of tension on and off the board as everyone left standing, me included, still crying watched on. The clocks now played a part and at one point Chris had not hit her clock with only a minute remaining. Thankfully her opponent was quick to move. This was a gasping moment because she had a winning position. At another point there was the possibility of Mr Fox forcing a draw which he missed. Chris steadied the ship – advanced her pawn to a queen and ‘the fat lady sang’. An excellent result for Chris and the team with a fabulous win!

Poole E – Wimborne E (3 – 1)

Bring on the next team!




Adam Jaggard
April 21, 2018