Poole E complete the successful week for all teams

Div 4 26/10 – Poole D vs Wimborne F – result 2.5/1.5

Our E team competed an excellent week for the club being the 4th successful team. Oh the Wimborne club must be getting sick of their neighbours.

Cieran (Bd 1) playing like the quiet assassin moved the pieces around the board like painter exhibiting with supreme confidence in a famous gallery. The game itself was safe, structured and sound and once he had the word Adam had broken through there was nothing more to do than shake hands with his opponent Mike Davison and agreed a draw. Both players had a piece and five pawns with central Kings so take the 1/2 point for the team and enjoy the rest of the evening.

As mentioned Adam (Bd 2) returning from Barcalona without any political alliances but tells me he spent a little time climbing around (this is a worry) but whatever effect it has it was positive and having broken through his opponents defences played accurately to gain a winning 2 pawn end game and the formalites were over quite soon.

Our smiling and attentive captain Tim from the Emerald Isles was taking all this in as well in creating a strong attack on the K side with the pieces poised for a grand attack or improving position. However with already a leading score on the doors the captain sensible took the draw to make the overall score 2-1.

So only one game needed to get us over the line, Christine still smiling quietly thinking about her Dorset trophy soon to be in a pride of place playing a solid game with a marginal advantage only needed a draw. After a little consideration hands were shaken and another solid draw made the final score Poole E Wimborne F.

All the games were played in a good spirit and it was especially pleasing to see other Wimborne players at Poole coming to watch and support their team. All players from all clubs are always welcome at the Theatre of Dreams.


October 27, 2017