Poole E 2 – 2 New Milton B

New Milton made the trek to Poole in conditions not designed for driving. After finding the hidden away venue the games were underway.

Steve was up against Rachel, a rematch of Steve’s very first away match. Steve was on the front foot for much of the game, and took advantage of Rachel’s queen ending up on the same diagonal as the king. Queen for a bishop essentially sealed the game. 1-0.

Angus went a piece down, kept fighting and won the piece back but was shedding pawns and was unable to make those back up. 1-1.

Mike was a pawn down in a bishop and knight Vs 2 knights ending and converted the draw.

Dave was playing John, and despite being outgraded got the draw to end the day with honours even.

Well done all, and thank you to New Milton for making the journey.

December 12, 2022