Poole D & Wimborne D draw 2-2

Eric Sachs, playing his first game of the season, was thrown in the deep end on board 1 against Nathaniel.

When I checked the game, Eric had gone a whole rook down with little to no compensation. Determined not to be the first to resign in a room with 14 games in play, Eric somehow turned it around to claim the win. (my excuse was a cheap tactic that unfortunately Nathanial missed and went on gain equality with a slight advantage to gain a lucky win).

In my game George started throwing his pieces at my king exchanging both rooks and a knight for two knights and two pawns.

My king was exposed, but I had a material advantage and a threat of promoting on the queen side.

George was able to force a perpetual and a draw was agreed. Thank you George for a fun, but stressful game of chess.

Board 3 saw the battle of the Mike’s.

Mike unfortunately moved his rook, then decided to move his rook again. Mike called Mike on the illegal move, and Mike was forced to keep his rook where it was. Mike then won one of Mike’s pieces, and Mike resigned a little grumpily at his own mistake, but was gracious towards Mike and congratulated him.

In all seriousness, well done to Mike Davidson on beating Mike Minvalla.

In typical Krzysztof fashion, he was the last board to finish. An endgame of a rook and bishop each, Stuart a pawn up.

Despite the extra pawn, a very tricky position was on the board. Stuart offered a draw and Krzysztof immediately agreed. A fair and understandable draw.

Kryzystof playing his final game for Poole, on behalf of the club, I’d like to say thank you to Kryzystof. You will be missed.

The overall result on the evening was 2-2.

Thank you Wimborne.

Report by Joe Wood.

April 29, 2022