Poole D v Poole E

Class of the Tit(s)ans

The second Poole derby for us, Poole E, was always going to be a tough challenge – outgraded as a team by 59 points but we’ve been in these situations, dug deep, defied the odds to come out with a result.

Tick tick we were off. Adam quickly opened up Richi’s king giving up a piece for three pawns and had more than enough compensation. Adam’s Queen was looking for a close encounter with Richi’s King but without another piece to join the party any time soon. The Queen danced a perpetual with King 0.5-0.5.

I was on board 4 in a complex position defending with black, after a few bum moves my position looked dodgy. Seth quickly pushed an advantage having various tactics – pins and forks. When Seth brought his Queen in for an impromptu jump on the king’s lap it looked like the only safe squares were off the board or at the 19th hole. Resignation followed quickly. 1.5 – 0.5.

Ciaran, board 1, played his usual solid, principled moves against the experienced and higher graded opponent Steve Chappell at 125. Ciaran kept on setting Steve problems. The players reached a very even position. Steve offered the draw which was rightly accepted. 2-1.

All eyes turned to Board 2 Dave Burt v Chris Roberts. Chris’s Queen was dancing around the board threatening anything in her path with an advantage. Chris also had a big lead on Dave’s clock. Dave countered, pushing his central connected pawns, to distract the Queen enough for it to be exchanged. Now Dave had a clear advantage but Chris calmly reduced the threats picking off the pawns and went into a better endgame. Dave parried well and looked like he might equalise but Chris held fast and kept her cool. Dave’s time deficit decided the final outcome as his clock fell. 2-2.

A tense, close match and an impressive draw for Poole E against the technically stronger Poole D team.



Adam Jaggard
December 27, 2017