Poole D 1.5/2.5 Wimborne D – Div 3, 22/11/18

Our D team faced a strong Wimborne D team that out graded us on all boards and had strangely not started the season too well.  Krzyzstof (many thanks K)  stood in for Simon Fox as a late replacement on Bd 4 and all our players moved up one place.

The match was fiercely contested and some great chess was played which was a credit to all 8 players.

On Bd 2 – Adam (Poole) playing Alan Tyler had a totally equal position with opposite colour bishops and a rather quiet board for both white and black  so  a draw was on the cards which both players accepted. 0.5/0.5

Meanwhile on Bd 1 Stephen (Poole) playing Steve Cullerton had a even opening and was certainly in the game as all pieces were lining up for attack, defence, position over the whole board. Steve’s position gradually improved once he balanced a couple of defence moves which allowed his position to grow as a form of counter attack. The centre of the board was heavily congested and with some strong pressure and won a piece and after that it was impossible for Stephen to recover and shortly after hands were shaken and 0-1 Wimborne.

At this stage we needed to recover and Mike Rutter playing on Bd 3 vs John Bowley gave it a real Captain’s innings! He fought back from a really strong pawn on the D file sailing down the board like a whistle in the wind and held it despite huge pressure. This was supported by a Q and 2 rooks and it seemed inevitable that the Pawn would Q. Mike kept finding great defensive moves to hang in and at the same time managed to advance his q side pawns for another battle if he could fight off the attack. Mission accomplished and heh hoh  it was his turn to attack which was enough to force the win. A really well played game by Mike who endured huge pressure and hard luck to John who threw all at his opponent. 1-0 Poole

The match was now all square and all on the final game which was in its final stages with Krzyzstof  playing very well against  Phil Wallace. He had an arguable minor advantage and the game seemed to be edging to a draw. Now, both players were short of time and really a draw should have been agreed. However Krzystof did not realise we only needed a draw so did his best to force a win from his position but was also in serious time trouble. Unfortunatley he lost a piece and the game went against him – which was most unlucky for him and the team. 0-1 Wimborne

1.5/2.5 Wimborne D

This was really an excellent match played in good spirit thanks Wimborne but well played Poole D who gave it all!






November 25, 2018