Poole Chess team proudly display successful team photos at our AGM evening

From the Top – the Winning team of the B & D League 1st Division for 2017/8 season.

From the left – Non Playing captain Eric Sachs , David Fuller, Dragi Popovic and  Mike Duggan

Next, 4th Divison Winning team of Richard Smith and Captain Chris Ambrose

Next, Dorset County Divison 3 Winning team of Toby Miller, Adam Jaggard, Eric Sachs, Captain Tarik Reghif with the winning shield, Dragi Popovic, Tim McCullagh and Richard Smith

Next, Winning Handicap Knock out Team of Toby Miller, Chip Stanciu with the winning shield, Adam Jaggard, Christine Roberts, David Fuller, Dragi Popovic (back), Mike Duggan and Richard Smith

Club displaying show of silverware both externally and internally at the 2018 AGM

From the left: Richard Smith, Paul Trowbridge, David Lockwood, Graham Morris, Tarik Reghif, Tim McCullagh, Toby Miller, Christine Roberts, Don Hewson, Dragi Popovic, Eric Sachs, Derek Chapman, Mike Duggan, Chip Stanciu, David Fuller, Alan Davies, Steve Bailey, John Weatherlake and Chris Ambrose

Adam Jaggard
August 3, 2018