Poole Chess Club at Flirt Café

Poole chess club are continuing to enjoy chess at Flirt café every Wednesday from 2.30 – 5.30 pm.

We have been going for over 8 years now and have enjoyed many good times and have some great chess being played there by all over the period. We continue to encourage all chess players from the area to come in and have a game. There is always someone to play with regardless of standard and its great to see non chess players in the café who have also taken an interest.

This session hosts players from all local clubs including Southbourne/Bournemouth and others, we thank those players that come along weekly and support our sessions. We, of course encourage players from Poole to come along if and when you can to play in a different environment and support the club.

Lets see, if we can carry on for another 8 years!


August 13, 2018