Poole C 2 – 2 Wimborne C

C team had their first match in the B&DCL on Monday. We faced a Wimborne C team who outgraded us by around 50 points a board.

Dragi on board 1 had an open aggressive game against Nathaniel; Dragi pushed a number of pawns in the centre, and looked to have good play, but went into the ending the exchange down and eventually lost.

The other three games finished close together. My game on board 3 was very careful, and petered out into a drawn endgame.

Leo was engaged in a very closed position against the experienced Steve Pollyn. Nobody could find a way through a mass of pawns so a draw was agreed.

Simons game was much more interesting than mine with a nice Scandinavian to throw the opening into chaos (yes, we will eventually persuade the whole club that the Scandinavian is fun). Simon went the exchange up but then when I looked again he had given the exchange back under pressure. In an very open ending with equal material his opponent dropped a piece so a win for Poole.

And the match was drawn. A good start considering we were outgraded on every board.

By Andy

October 31, 2023