Poole C 1.5 vs 2.5 Ringwood A

Thank you to Ringwood for a good game. Some strong graded players made things slightly daunting.

Dragi saw a very bad move, decided not to do it, looked for other moves, then forgot about the really bad move until half a second after he made it.. Unfortunately when you’re playing someone graded 50 points above you then that’s effectively the end of the match.

Simon was a bishop up but it was in exchange for a strong pawn attack.

Tarik was a knight down but it was in exchange for a strong pawn attack.

Mike wasn’t messing around with these silly piece sacrifice and headed into a rook end game with scattered pawns, albeit one up but with Peter having counter play.

All three remaining players simultaneously accepted a draw, before looking at each other expecting the others to push for the win.

A very close match, well played all, and a pleasure as always.

The table isn’t looking great,  but isn’t a very fair reflection of the individual matches. The team are playing much stronger opposition, often outgraded, but still managing to complete. Well done team.

February 28, 2019