Poole C 1 – 3 Poole D

With both of the Poole teams near the bottom, this was an important game to see which team could pull away from the threat of relegation and start looking up.

Dragi (D Team) was playing Simon P (C Team) on top board, and after a tough game Dragi managed to get an edge to win it.

Don (D Team) was playing Mike R (C Team) and both played solid games but Mike forced his way through for the win to level the match at 1-1.

Simon F (D Team) was up against Stephen C (C Team) and got strong positional advantages but could only convert the position into an extra pawn as the endgame approached. Under time pressure Simon made a mistake and Stephen got a passed pawn and it was all to play for again.However a timely check forced Stephen to lose his knight and he resigned next move. A good battle to the end.

Ciaran made his debut for the D Team, and was up against Dave Burt, not the easiest introduction to the next division up! Ciaran advanced his h pawn and threatened mate, forcing Dave to sacrifice material to prevent it. The game went on for a bit more time but no mistakes were coming from Ciaran and in the end Dave offered his resignation giving Ciaran his first win in his first game.

Well done to the C Team for a good match, well done to the D Team for a good victory and well done to Ciaran for a great step up.

March 5, 2017