Poole Bishops 2 Highcliffe Castles 2 – Bacchus League

Richard Ursell from Highcliffe commented the kids from Poole let our Castles off the hook! Not so sure from what I saw but still a very good draw against quite an experienced team from Zander/Leo and Harry and our experienced anchor player Krzysztof.

Harry went down fighting Harry Powell but had some good chances in a topsy turvey game which could have swung either way, well done Harry who showed impeccable etiquette in wanting to review the game with Harry afterwards.

Both Zander and Leo had good chances to win as they advised me but one or two errors were made and so both games were fair draws, not bad for our young Hampshire under 10 and under 12’s Champions.

On Bd 1, the Krzysztof was as stoic as ever, won a piece with a nice middle pawn structure and plan and went on to close out the game when Ron ran out of time. I wanted to mention how well Ron played with the piece down and fought until the very end, well done both players.

So 2-2 on the night and really good to see Highcliffe out in force and supporting all things chess.

December 3, 2021