Poole Bishops 1.5/ 2.5 Highcliffe – Bacchus League

Always good to have stiff competition from our colleagues from Highcliffe as this match developed into a close and exciting occasion.

There were fireworks early on Bd 1 when Jamie dropped a piece overlooking a trap from Mike Tew but had some compensation with a couple of pawns and some open play. The game swung one way then another and despite a valiant effort from Jamie to Queen a pawn eventually had to give up after an exchange of bishops left him facing defeat. Well played Mike 1-0 Highcliffe.

On Bd 4 Josh had a strong Q side attack against Dave Ursell proudly carrying the family name and seemed to over reach when moving his pawns too far forward. Dave had opportunities to draw by repetition and better but did not see the danger of a tactic and Josh finished the game with a check mate. Well played Josh and so pleased to see you returning to winning ways.

Bd 3 had another exciting game when fireworks where going on all over the board. This was open and dangerous play both Dylan and David which David managed to regain his Queen and go on to finish off the game quite soon after. This made it 1-2 Highcliffe with one game still going on.

So all down to Andre playing his 2nd game for the team who had an even and very sound game against Andy Hopwood who matched him move for move. There was nothing in the game and so with the other matches finished and no real way of getting a result, Andre agreed to the draw – fair and good result for both players.

Match score 1.5/2.5 Highcliffe in an excellent match and evening’s chess.

Well played all that played and especially the juniors whom I am so proud of and giving all against some good and experienced players.

Look forward to the return match at Highcliffe.


December 6, 2019