Poole B – Southbourne A 3.5-0.5

Poole B – Southbourne A  3.5-0.5


Ciprian S (168) – G Sawicki (175)  1-0

Sergio C (159) – B Jenks (174)  1-0

Toby M (151) – B Curran (155)  0.5-0.5

Richie S (137) – L Laker (144)  1-0


A great start to the season for Poole B as they won their opening game against a team who out-graded them on every board.

The first to win was Sergio, with a fine display against a long standing member of the Southbourne chess club. It wasn’t the first time they had met, and now the score between them is level.

I (Ciprian – the writer) played against a player who had had a very good 2017-2018 season. After an evenly contested opening,   managed to take a pawn advantage but his opponent had a better overall position. His attack came to nothing, and consequently came away with the win.

Next to finish was Richie, with a very good end game in only his second game for Poole B. He is showing great promise

3-0 up, and Toby finished with a draw against our opponent’s captain. It was a very interesting game, both players happy with the result.

Let’s hope this result is the start of things to come. Thanks to Southbourne for their fair-play attitude and thanks to all the players




Ciprian Stanciu
September 23, 2018