Poole B return to the top after win against Wimborne D

On another tense night it was a well deserved win for us in a very hard fought match. Although we out graded our opponents their points total at the top of the table shows their strength.

Your roving reporter stood in for Toby Miller at the last minute and played on board 4 to make up the team of Chip/Hiru/ and Sandu.

I had one look during the evening at the other 3 games and on Board 1 Chip (whom came straight from work) played a very solid game against Mike Jackson (est grade 150) but who knows – his opponent seemed happy to swap the pieces and eliminate any chances for white and black and forced a draw so 0.5/0.5

Conversely yours truly had a poor opening and missed a simple combination that resulted in loss of a pawn with no compensation. And so it moved on to Board 3 with Sandu in a slightly superior position on the G and H files against the chattering Paul Brackner but could not break through, this also ended in draw with no advantage to either player.

On the brighter side Hiru was all square and then all of a sudden a piece up – the hero – there was nothing else left for Colin Wilson and this game was a win for Poole.

So 2.0/1 at this stage and all on board 4 where the writer was doing well to hang on and hang on and hang on. It got very tense as the evening went on and we went past the time control with at least a dozen beady eyes peering over the game, when all seemed lost I got a break to take the initiative to l form an attack and ask some questions for the first time.
Cornelius Cornes an experienced campaigner was 3 pawns up and my black squared bishop was as good as beheaded but chess is a funny game and as the clock was ticking the tempo seemed to swing to the home side. In essence it was 2 active pieces playing 3 active pieces with a three pawn advantage – miracles happen and as the clock was in over time and nerves seriously razzled hands were shaken and a draw was agreed.

This draw gave us a match score of 2.5/1.5 and returned us to top of the table with 3 games left.
Congratulations to all that played and we move on…..

April 7, 2017