Poole A Vs Poole B and Poole D Vs Wimborne E

Welcome to this roundup of the matches from the first matches of the season. In this episode we have Poole D playing at home to Wimborne E, but first we go over to John who is reporting on the Poole A Vs B division 1 match up which Poole A have been touted as favourites purely based on the name.

Poole Win!!!! (Poole B that is).

Poole A                         Poole B

1.(B) 2112 Mike Waddington    1/2    1/2    (W) 2009 Chip Stanciu

2.(W) 1993 John Weatherlake    1    0    (B) 1974 Sergiu Calauz

3.(B) 1853 Dave Fuller        0    1    (W) Martin O’Neill

4.(W) 1689 Tim Joyce        0    1    (B) Dragi Popovic           

A win for Poole was an inevitability in the big Poole vs Poole derby match that everyone’s been talking about. (Unless of course it was a draw in which case neither party would have won).

Poole B were drawn ‘away’ for this opening fixture and arrived with the same settled team that had been predicted in the back pages for days.

Unfortunately for the home team, Mike ‘danger’ Dugs had suffered a strain in the warm-up and upon the advice of the team physio, a last-minute replacement was required. Up stepped Tim Joyce claiming his A-team debutant cap. (Which I understand was presented online via a WhatsApp conversation).

Alas it was not to be a baptism of fire for Tim who was undone by a tactical shot in the dying embers of his game. The game had been looking balanced throughout, but Dragi took advantage of Tim’s defence switching off momentarily. 1-0 Poole

Dave’s ‘switching off’ occurred much earlier. An unexpected switch in formation left him stranded in unfamiliar waters rather quicker than one hopes for. Martin demonstrated a strong understanding of what transpired to become a symmetrical English opening. I was very impressed how well Martin played ‘all over the board’. Firstly, pressuring down the K-side before finishing the game with a Q-side sortie. 2-0 Poole

Next to finish was the heavyweight encounter between Mike and Chip which petered out into a draw. Who would have predicted that Chip would play extremely solidly and prove very difficult to break down. Try as Mike did, Chip remained resilient and Mike was canny not to over-press. Poole 2.5 – 0.5.

This meant the match was all over as mine was entering ‘extra-time’. I had been embroiled in real tussle with Sergiu. I felt I may have had the better of the opening exchanges but left the door ajar early in the 2nd half. Fortunately, Sergiu missed what my silicon friend saw (after the game) and momentum then swung my way just as we were running low on time. When the dust settled, I fell into a winning ending. Not having realised that his team had already won Sergiu was notably magnanimous in defeat. Demonstrating what a true gentleman he is. Classy!

So Poole win at odds of 3/1 and the press are not sure what to make of the season opener. But word on the street is that Dugz is recovering well and the fans are putting heat on the chairman to get busy before the transfer window closes. I for one am still optimistic!

Stadium facilities are still looking good and I’m looking forward to training next Monday and hope to see you all there. 

On a personal note. I am extremely proud of what we are achieving and even though we were missing players, we still managed to produce a decent high-level spectacle for the fans!

Stay classy Poole.

John W



Thank you John. Next we go over to division 4 where a bolstered D team are hoping for a positive start to the season against the visiting Wimborne E.

Poole Win!!!! (Poole D that is).

On board 2 we had Leo, one of the rising stars of the club having had a grueling preseason regime and came into the match as the one to watch, true to form he was the first to finish, securing the early point and showing the rest of the team how it’s done. Senior members of the club are quoted as saying:

“I have never seen Joe smilling as much as when Leo won. Great stuff”

The matches continued with the captain keeping a careful eye on the score sheet and the other matches. With Tony in a promising position and Joe being stuck in a simple, and even game worthy of the last spot on the highlight reel, a draw was agreed. No progress down that flank, but a solid defense for the team.

Sure enough Tony managed to find a gap in the defense and took the second win of the night to put the game to bed, 2.5 – 0.5.

With the match now sealed, Mike was able to continue in a longer game which eventually came to a solid draw.

Poole D did not conceding a board and took a 3 – 1 victory, an excellent start to the new season and with the transfer market still open they made it clear they aren’t after any marquee signings but adding to the bench would surely help for later in the season.


That concludes our coverage, any contenders for game of the season are gratefully received.

All in all a good night for Poole, well, two out of three of them anyway.


October 5, 2022