Poole A – Ringwood 2-2

Poole A – Ringwood  2-2


M Duggan – P Anderson  0-1

J Weatherlake – B Jenks  1-0

C Stanciu – M Clancy  0.5-0.5

T Miller – R Davenport  0.5-0.5


The last game of the season, in the top division of the Dorset League, took place on Thursday evening.  Our A team met a team that were trying to finish the season on maximum points, with no defeats or draws to their name.  The combination between Ringwood and Southbourne has been very successful for their first season.

Not much to say about the games, just to congratulate John on his win against a very strong Bruce Jenks. A great finish against a player in top form.

It has been a season with ups and downs for us; we finished with two wins, two draws and three losses.

I would like to say thank you to everyone that supported the team. Let’s hope that next season will be more successful.

Congratulations to Ringwood on finishing at the top of the table!



Ciprian Stanciu
May 13, 2019