Poole A 2.5/1.5 Highcliffe A – Division 1

In a very hard fought match our A team came up trumps – just — over the line to gain their 3rd win of the season.

In a nervy start with only 3 players for us and giving yours truly the curly wobbles Mike arrived after 8 pm with only 20 minutes reduced on his clock. Many thanks to Highcliffe for the sporting gesture of starting the clock only, at 7.45pm.

Tick Tock Tick Tock and all games in progress now, all games very tight except on Bd 4 when Richie playing Ken Smith against the Alekhine advanced all 4 points in the first moves – great stuff. However Ken broke the broke pawn structure, Q’s exchanged and looked to have overcome the initial danger. Richie stepped in this unbalanced game to find space and lines of attack. It could have been anything in this exciting game but Richie came through to win this crucial game in context of the match.

Richard was involved in what looked a stone wall position against Bruce Jenks with no space or very few available squares on the board. It was one of the most closed positions I have seen for some time, however when you try to force a win you can overreach and went on to lose the game. 1-1

John was offered a draw against Paul Kemp through the middle game but declined, correctly, well done John and then went on to win the game. (sorry, not more detail as I had gone home)

Mike catching up comfortably on time had a standard opening against Christian which developed in an equal position and both players were happy to agree the draw.

Well done all the A team and really nice to get into a winning mode, special thanks to Richie again forĀ  stepping up into the A team and getting the decisive win.

Always good to see our chess colleagues from Highcliffe and feeling the match played in the right and sporting spirit.


February 6, 2020