New Milton win at Poole to clinch the Division 4 title

With all to play for in a league title decider New Milton win 3.5/0.5 to clinch the Divison 4 title.

New Milton had an average grade advantage of 124 vs Poole E of 83 = 41 difference which was too big an advantage for the Poole team.

On board – 1 Mike Honey played a solid game and despite a valiant effort by Igor the victory was assured for NM.

On board 2 – David Burt gave all and fought very hard but the defensive weaknesses were exposed and succumbed to a strong John Bellinger.

On Board 3 – Christine Roberts only playing her second match of the season played a good game against Steve Disney but very similar to the previous boards did not have quite enough and gave all to try and get something but failed in the end.

On Board 4 – Richie Smith played a really good game and had winning chances. He had 3 pawns connected on the 5th file but struggled to find a winning line so swapped off pieces and went for the end game with a pawn advantage. However in a critical part of the game gave up a pawn and a draw was agreed. Very good effort by Richie who was out graded by 35 points.

Well done and a deserved win for New Milton and also to Captain Marvellous Steve Bailey who wished every move was the one for the home team.

One more match left for Poole which should secure 2nd place in the Division.

April 21, 2017