Highcliffe C vs Poole F – Division 4 – win for Poole F 3-1 – 27/3/17

Another good night for our F team who went to Highcliffe for the first time as an F team and came home with the points.

Adam playing on Board 2 had a winning position and a rook up saw the golden lights of the winning line, flunked out by dropping his queen with no way back to a very appreciative and understated Thomas Trach. This was a shame as he was winning but you only win by learning from a loss.

So 0-1 at this stage but fear not, Ciaran on board 1 defended his A file quite easily against a slightly lop sided attack then drove the middle and K side to open up his opponent and before you could say Southey it was 1-1

Seth on Board 3 was comfortable against Mike Tew and with some sharp exchanges managed to trap his opponent’s rook and then all opened up for an easy win.

David Lockwood only needed a draw at this stage but managed to get through the time control with an exchange advantage and a much better position. His opponent Rachel had her K moving around the fourth and fifth file like a wandering shepherd but eventually lost another piece and the game was over.

So 3-1 and very well done to all the team and as always Highcliffe for their hospitality.
From your roving reporter!

March 28, 2017