Highcliffe B v Poole D

after the international break and with a good start to the season we were ready to add another scalp to our collection. On paper it should be a good result for us. I deployed the 1-1-2 formation and away we go.

then things stop looking so good and Highcliffe are playing well. After an hour or so there is no obvious win for us on any board. Eventually results started to come in, Simon succumbed to Neil Salinger, then Adam turned his game round and took a good win. Stephen agreed a draw and it was all up to me. My opponent had been struggling with time all evening and although it was an even position, I became transfixed with his clock, he made his 35th move with less than ten seconds to go. I continued to play a fairly leisurely approach and was completely shocked to be told MY flag had gone. Catastrophic. I was under no pressure and had several options. Sincere apologies to the team, the club, and the Borough as I should have done better. We lost 2.5 to 1.5. Another sleepless post chess night to look forward to.   Mike

Michael Rutter
October 22, 2018