Highcliffe B 2 – 2 Poole D

Dragi – as usual play d the solid some say aggressive London system. Made a slight mistake in his moves orders which resulted in a pawn falling mid game. This pawn eventually was decisive as it ended up queening.

Tarnishing Tarik – playing with the Black pieces. Lifted his rook prematurely and was then tormented by Knights. Never one on to give in Tarik consolidated his position with some well timed exchanges which destroyed his opponents pawn structure. Tarik then killed him off with a nice rook endgame.

Don Juan – playing against a strong opponent didn’t come out of the opening well and as a result succumbed to some uncomfortable exchanges which unfortunately led to his early resignation.

Terrible Tim – playing with the black pieces quickly went a pawn up from the opening. Lifting his rook menacingly he tripled his pieces on the f-file against his opponent’s king. This threatened mate or to win a rook. The intensity of the position caused his opponent to melt into resignation. A nice finale to Tim’s spell with Poole D.


February 27, 2017