Highcliffe B 2 – 2 Poole C

Fantastic games in all boards. Poole came out aggressive on all boards, Andy trying to bust open Richard’s king side, Tarik countering against e4 throwing pieces in to add pressure, Simon launching an attack with some slicing bishops. With all that aggression, it was Tim that won his game with a pawn advantage and a pawn push checkmate.

Simon’s attack exchanged down and the sacrifices were no longer on and it petered out to a draw.

Tarik had a pawn advantage and had scattered Susan’s pawns, but with done good defending, 2 pawns and a rook v 1 pawn and a rook ended in a draw.

Andy had a similar 2 pawn and a rook v 1 pawn and a rook in favour of Highcliffe, but Richard showed how the game should be finished and got the win.

Well done to all, a draw was probably a fair result and an enjoyable evening. Thanks for hosting a well fought match.

April 4, 2022