A very happy New Year to all our members and their families and mutual chess colleagues and friends across the area.

What a mixed year 2021 has been with Covid restricting any activities not only for chess but life as we all know it. By May some restrictions were lifted and we resumed over the board friendly chess, initially on Friday nights but then moved to our traditional Thursday nights in the British Legion Room.

Our first AGM for two years in early September attracted 22  players that all seemed champing at the bit to return to over the board chess. In all 30 plus players  signed up including 7 new players but we missed the few of our old school that were not ready to return, hopefully they will at some time in the future.

The season started in October where we fielded 7 teams in both the BDCL and Dorset leagues. This reduction from 10 in the 19-20 season allowed us to have a more relaxed and optional selection of players for all our teams.

The league tables can be seen on the www.dorset web site but overall we are doing well and are leading or thereabouts in Div 2, Div 3 Div4 and the DL Div 1. No games have been played in the Dorset league Div 3 which is disappointing and  I am unsure if any matches will be played this season, let’s hope so.

Highlights so far have been John being selected to play for Wales in the 23 rd European championships in Slovenia. He did  really well against some fierce and much graded opposition, and we enjoyed following the games online, well done John.

We also fielded a Poole CC team in the 4NCL (national club league championships) for the 1st time. This is really a step up & National level and well done Mike/Chip/John/Richie/Martin O and David in joining the team and good luck in the following matches over the season. At the time of writing we have heard the next round due in January will be played online. Lets hope the following rounds can get back to the usual OTB format.

Our Thursday club nights have been really well supported and its been great seeing so many members both new and regular players coming down to play at the club. We do have space restrictions due to you know what but can always branch out into the middle room and of course the bar. Keep it up please, what level you are, you are always welcome at the club.

Another highlight has been the development and success of our juniors at the club – Zander and Leo both Hampshire current Champions and of course Harry who is so enthusiastic & is great to have around, he is bursting at the seams. All 3 play in the Bacchus league.

I could introduce some more kids from our junior Saturday club but due to space restrictions until things settle down and improve we plan to keep the numbers as they are.

I wanted to thank all our club players that have spent time with the  Juniors to help them along, much appreciated and keep it going.

It would be remiss of me not to mention the passing of Don Hewson who was as life long supporter of chess and of Poole CC in its various forms. Don last played in the 18/19 season, will be dearly missed as he was one of life’s good people and always a pleasure. RIP Don.

For everyone at the club let us hope we can continue playing chess, maintaining friendship, having the connection and enjoying all.

Onwards and Upwards in 2022


January 1, 2022