First Round Handicap result against Purbeck

Another stormy night to have to travel but we came in force for this one, 7 Poole players turned up for an away 6-board contest, is that a first? Being the weakest player I didn’t fight for my place and sat in the stalls and watched the experts do battle.

As we out graded them by 865 v 817, the handicap meant we had to win with 3 ½ points against their 3.

John and Mike kept the pressure on, easing in front, allowing plenty of time for a wonder around and an occasional calming smoke outside, before that welcoming hand shake from across the board. 2 nil.

Richie played some clever stuff, won the exchange and plain sailing from then on. 3 nil.

Jamie (our very own Dorset Junior Champion) played an excellent game, paced himself well, promoted for a second Queen, and goodnight from him. 4 nil, we had now “won” the match.

Simon played board 5, I watched some very tactical play by both players, but especially from Simon, a joy to watch all these games incidentally, eventually a draw was agreed, a fair result.

Dragi, well what can you say, went into the end game as usual, pawns and Knights jockeying around , absorbing to watch, for me at least, (you guys are so good) until the inevitable outcome of a win for Mr Cool.

So a convincing win for Poole, marching on into the semi’s.

Well done Poole, we came, we saw and, boy, we sure did conquer.

February 11, 2020