ECF Renewals and club news update

Hello Everyone,

The ECF renewals have been issued which you can find details on the www.ecf  membership renewals page. This year they have moved the due date from the 1/8 to 31/8 to make allowances for the Covid situation. I would ask you to read the renewal notice and if you feel you wish to renew please do so and let me know. I am of the opinion until the OTB situation has changed and we can start playing league chess again it may be wise to wait until then, however this is a personal choice and there so I would ask you  individually to consider the benefits or otherwise.

The Bronze membership for 20/21 is now £18 pa from £17.50 last year. The Silver memberships are £27 pa.

In respect of Poole Ex-Serviceman’s club fees which are due on the 1/10 –  previously £10, we will again defer payment until the club has re-opened and we are playing OTB chess again. The club is closed on Thursday evenings at the moment however the British Legion (BL) are going to advise very shortly when we can use the upstairs room as before. The club is only open on Friday and Saturday at the time of writing.

It goes without saying if and when we can meet and play chess all protocols and safety arrangements will be made in conjunction with the BL ‘s requirements. I am hopeful this could start during September but we need the go ahead from the BL and co-operation from the club to do this. Of course it is purely a personal choice if members wish to rejoin and all decisions are respected.

I have been contacted by about 4/5 members who are keen to resume as soon as possible so this is encouraging and it could be just a start and see how we get on.

In the meantime we continue with online chess fortnightly on Lichess and a reminder there is a Team Battle on tonight starting as usual at 7.30pm. Please join on Lichess if you can play tonight.

All the best,


August 31, 2020