ECF conversion to FIDE ELO

In case anybody’s interested in what their grading would be in the “Universal chess world” and not our stubborn English archaic system, here’s a simple formula to find out.

Conversion to ELO ratings

Although the ECF grading system is mechanically very different from the Elo rating system, the ECF publishes a formulae that can be used to estimate the equivalent FIDE ELO rating from a ECF grading.

The current formula used is, I think:

ECF x 7.5 + 700 = FIDEĀ ELO

ie; a grading of 140 ECF would be:-

140 x 7.5 = 1050 + 700 =1750 FIDE ELO

or working backwards to view a ELO grading to ECF:-
(FIDE – 700) divide by 7.5 = ECF

May 13, 2019