E Team Match away at New Milton

The delay in posting this result has nothing to do with my having to lick my wounds over a lost checkmate opportunity! Why is it that the position has played in my head over the last few days? Anyway, Tuesday (yes, I know, four days ago!) saw us lose a closely fought match at New Milton’s comfortable venue. As always our hosts made us very welcome.

Joe, on second board, lost a close game with his opponent and, like me, was beating himself up at not maximising his earlier, strong position. Mike Minvalla, on board three, produced a creditable draw and our reserve, Graham, took our only point, so well done and thanks for filling the breach. Graham also did the honours in driving the team to New Milton. We weren’t fooled by the scenic route he took; he obviously wanted to show us the great country lane road-holding of his very smart new car and, yes, we were impressed. I think by now, Mike, as the front seat passenger, has been able to open his eyes…

So, now the E team is standing at one win, one loss for the season, but obviously there’s a long way to go.

Chris Roberts
October 19, 2019