Dorset League: Wimborne C v Poole B

Once more unto Merley, my friends, once more. Or close the A341 with our plastic dead.
In peace there’s nothing so becomes a man as modest stillness and humility: But when the tick of chess clocks blow in our ears, then imitate the action of Nigel Short, stiffen the spirit, summon up the blood, disguise fair nature with hard-favour’d rage, and make your first move.

And so with the clocks ticking we made our first moves. After 8 moves my opponent’s flag fell… Then I realised that just meant he had an hour left and proceeded to blunder a Knight. It was an uphill battle from there that even the help of the spirit Ariel I wouldn’t be able to save. This didn’t stop some good stubbornness and making the most of the counter play, but alas, 1-0 to Wimborne.

Chris was next to finish. George’s Knight rode into battle with bravery and gusto taking out 3 Pawns for the cause. With the rest of the army following into the breach it was down to Chris to survive, he managed and with some good counter play managed to seal the win, but before a brave pawn almost managed to get promoted and land him in trouble. Well played Chris, 1-1.

Eric and Mike were still playing and both games are close. Mike was also defending against a sacrifice, this time a bishop for 2 pawns. He survived the onslaught and the end game he had 3 pawns to prevent Queening. Mike survived the pressure, got into a good position and managed a cheeky fork to snag a Rook effectively ending the game. 2-1.

Mike playing White.

Tim can be a very difficult person to play against so Eric did well to get to what looked a drawn middle game. However, Tim needed the win and had to force it. With three of Erics Pawns stuck on the edge being kept quiet, Tim was able to force the centre Pawns through to win the game and draw the match.

Eric playing White.

Well played all, am enjoyable and nerve-wracking match.

October 31, 2018