Dorset League – Weymouth 1 – 3 Poole

After a missed train and a quick detour, a band of brigands descended on Weymouth, intent in inflicting decimation upon pawn structures and chasing Kings across 64 squares of pain.

Soon after arriving to the relaxed friendly bar, hostile intentions were clearly forgotten and 4 games of chess soon began. Oscar on board 1, Toby on board 2, Tarik on board 3 and Simon P on board 4.

After 6 moves the King on board 3 was flooded. Actually flooded. A drink creating a puddle for all the pieces to paddle into battle. After a brief drying up break the game resumed and the young opponent Arthur was well positioned with control over most of the board.

Board 4 was Simon looking slightly better with a fairly even position but maybe a slightly advantageous pawn structure.

Board 1 had Oscar’s Queen on h6 blowing raspberries at the black castled King. Black’s bishop took the pawn on a2 and looked quite lost after b3.

Board 2 had Toby with black past pawn on a4 with pieces behind to back it up. Toby claims that the Pawn could be thwarted with correct play, but we don’t allow that sort of concession so expect Toby to convert it!

The games started to finish one by one.

First to finish was Simon on board 4 with his fairly even position declared even resulting in splitting the points evenly. A draw – 0.5-0.5

Next Tarik was in an extremely dicey position with Black 3 pawns up and applying lots of pressure after some very accurate play. A confrontational Rook was able to pick off a loose pawn and then a blunder allowed a free Rook courtesy of a fork. This fatal blunder turned a certain win for Weymouth into a win for Poole allowing the lead to be taken. This turn of events was so unbelievable given the earlier position which was lost beyond all hope that when Toby was still playing and presented with match card assumed it was the wrong way round. A win – Poole 1.5-0.5 Weymouth.

Oscar had by this point managed to snap up the Bishop but his opponent was mounting quite an attack on a pinned Rook and a King wandering around the middle of the board, the time control was reached with Oscar trying again to cause everyone heart problems by having only a minute or two left until the extra 15 minutes was added. The pressure evened out the material advantage and a draw was agreed. A draw – Poole 2-1 Weymouth

At this stage the match was drawn in worst case, and any positive result from Toby would win the match.

In a materially even position Toby had his pawn bearing down on a1 with Rook behind and Bishop supporting while White had a slightly longer shot passed pawn to try and get some counter play. Soon the pawn was able to provide enough problems that it was traded for the Rook giving Toby a firm advantage, but still some work to do to convert it to a win, however it was unlikely the game was going to be lost when Toby was a Rook up, a couple of Pawns down and time advantage. Sure enough he was able to pick off his opponent’s Pawns until there was nothing left and the win was sealed. A win – Poole 3-1 Weymouth.

The overriding emotion was disbelief as at least 3 of the team were of the opinion they didn’t play too well but managed to sneak positive results, and elation as the maths was done and the win sealed the league victory! Poole are now Dorset League Division Two Champions!

Well done and thank you to all who have played or supported the Dorset League team in any way.

Also thank you to Weymouth who were welcoming, gracious hosts. Looking forward to meeting again next season.

May 10, 2017