Dorset League: Ringwood – Poole A 2-2

Ringwood – Poole A  2-2


P Anderson – M Duggan  0.5-0.5

K Harman – M Machacek  1-0

J Forster – J Weatherlake  0.5-0.5

M Clancy – C Stanciu  0-1


The first game of the new season in the top division of the Dorset League saw our A team travelling to Ringwood to play against last year’s champions. The game was played in their new venue, a very nice one, but with one small (or big) inconvenience : they have no bar!

We arrived a bit late because of a few minor technical issues, but the clocks didn’t  start until we were all ready to play. A very nice gesture from our opponents.

Unfortunately I can’t  tell you much about the games as I didn’t see much of them. But I can tell you this…….15 min after all of them finished, the four of us decided to walk into Ringwood to find a bar to have a drink. As we started walking, Mike asked me what happened in my game, how I lost. I told him that I won my game, and he was very surprised about it. Only then he realised that that result meant we drew the game overall – it was now more of a celebratory drink than going off to drown our sorrows!

A point against a very strong team is a promising start to the new season. The next match will be against Highcliffe.

Thanks everyone for playing, and thanks to Ringwood for their hospitality.



Ciprian Stanciu
September 24, 2019