Dorset League: Purbeck B vs Poole B

Shored up in the shadows cast from Corfe Castle to lay siege to our next foe, Purbeck B. So far we’ve played every team once, and beaten them all! Huzzah! And now we must play the second half of the season to plunder all the riches!

The buccaneers bounded up to the boards, Dragi, myself, Richie and Adam, all in a fine vein of form. Soon the growling stopped being audible and started being carried out by the lackeys on the board.

Adam had a good position and time advantage, started plotting all sorts of adventurous sacrifices to disarm his opponent until he was set upon by a Queen and forced into a draw by repetition.

0.5 – 0.5

Richie had a fairly dull opening, while I was considering dropping him from the team for this heinous act, he must have heard my thoughts and the middle game was much more dynamic. His opponent blundered a piece after being pinned by double Rooks on the C file because of a mate threat, he clearly didn’t hear my thoughts that time otherwise he wouldn’t have won the advantage. With a spare Bishop Richie managed to shoulder his opponent’s King backwards and sacked the man of cloth for two pawns, from there the pawns could safely march into the vaults with the King standing guard. A quality game with both players playing well.

0.5 – 1.5 in Poole’s favour.

My opponent started by pushing a blade to my throat with very advanced central pawns, however, with the Kings still in the centre, I was able to get more pressure on the central files to win one of the pawns and knock the blade from my throat to the ground. With a pawn up and central control I had him on the plank and it was just seeing the game out to a pawn ending and inevitable win.

0.5 – 2.5 the win goes to Poole.

Dragi was on top board and seemed his usual calm demeanour, a face that makes people scared to offer a draw. Despite a bizarre pawn structure and odd King position, there were a lot of threats towards his opponent’s castled King and as the threats resolved his final remarks were “He tried to take my pawns so I destroyed him”. I think it was more of a message to his future opponents. He had lots of pressure and dictated much of the game to seal a win.

0.5 – 3.5 to complete the victory.

Well done to the Poole team, but well done also to our gracious hosts, who are always a pleasure to visit. We wish them all the best for the rest of their season and particularly now they’ve played us twice, I hope they win all the remaining games!

March 10, 2018