Dorset League – Poole B 1.5 – 2.5 Wimborne C

Way back in the depths of last week. Last Thursday to be precise. A band of adventurers came from Wimborne in a bid to derail our hopes of waltzing to a Dorset League Div championship without a single loss.

Dragi, myself, Richie and Adam lined up against them.

Adam managed a fairly quick win against Phil Holden with a good smattering of Pawns in a Rook and Bishop end game.

The other boards were all looking reasonable at this point. I had a strong King side attack after a Rook lift glaring down at his King. Richie had a Knight outpost deep in enemy territory.

Things started going downhill, Dragi lost an exchange, my attack had petered out with the Rook trying to back track to lend support to its vacated post, and Richie managed to lose a Queen side’s worth of Pawns.

I was short on time having pondered too many sacrifices but done none so fell into a Knight fork, there was a Pawn covering that square but then I moved my King so the Pawn was then pinned. And that was that.

Richie managed to battle well with two King side Pawns threatening to Queen, one of them eventually did Queen, as did an opponent’s Pawn. A draw was eventually agreed with 2 Rooks apiece fighting over a single Pawn. There were opportunities for both sides to win it so perhaps the draw was the fairest result in this odd game.

Dragi was bravely battling on trying to make a Pawn advantage make up for being an exchange down. His Bishop was eventually sacked to take care of the last Pawn opponent, but this meant it was a Rook against two Pawns. They were nicely advanced but unfortunately the position didn’t allow much hope from that position and the game was lost.

Well done to Adam for the win and Richie for the draw, well battled Dragi. We’re still at the top of the league but missed the opportunity to seal the title with two games to go. It will now go down to the wire!

Poole B 1.5 – 2.5 Wimborne C

April 19, 2018