Dorset League Div 3 Poole B v Dorchester D

Today we have the title decider. With Wimborne 1 point ahead and Poole B with a superior board difference, a draw or better will decide the whole season.

Dragi on board 1, Simon P playing white on board 2, Richie on 3 and Adam on board 4.

It seems to be the day for Queens with each board venturing forwards in the first 10 moves.

Adam managed to snatch an early rook for a knight but runs the risk of getting his bishop stuck in the corner with the Queen trying to cause a nuisance on the back row early on. His young opponent is battling on with real courage and making the most of the momentum. A queen trade a loss of pawn has caused that whole corner to crumble and it looks like Adam may be able to sneak a pawn through.

Richie exchanged his b and c pawns for central pawns to provide a focus for his attack.

Meanwhile Simon has offered a draw. His opponent has cast a look at the other boards and rejected the offer.

Adam has managed to queen the pawn and his game is won. Well played to his young opponent who played well after an early slip up against a ruthless opponent.

1-0 to Poole.

Dragi is looking even and has just managed to exchange a knight for a dark squared bishop before moving all his pieces into dark squares. Rooks are off the board, and it’s only a matter of time before another cigarette break.

It all looks level, but that’s when dragi usual shows that it isn’t.

Richie has swapped off a rook and managed to position his remaining rook right behind an isolated pawn. Looks dangerous, but with his king behind a line of pawns has to be careful to avoid a cheeky back rank mate.

Time seems to drag as we await the next development.

Richie’s position is getting increasingly interesting as Simon’s is shuffling round a draw.

Knowing Richie he’s going to be very tempted with a draw and two passed pawns, but does it work? We’ll see, he’s gone for it. Two passed pawns but giving away the exchange.

Simon’s opponent has accepted the game is going nowhere and the draw agreed. Poole are half a point away with two interesting games in play.

1.5 vs 0.5

Richie’s game could go anywhere, Dragi is very tight. He offers a draw…must be special circumstances if Dragi is offering a draw, and his opponent accepts!

2 – 1

Richie’s game continues for a few moves before being agreed a draw.

2.5 – 1.5

Victory for Poole B in the game and in the league!

Well done and thank you to all those who have played both in this game and throughout the season.

May 10, 2018