Dorset League Div 2 – Poole 3 Dorchester C 1

A good win for the home team with a re arranged team saw Poole move into 2nd place in the league.

On Board 1 David (Fuller) playing Geoff Shearing in a tight game and extracts from David quote ‘ equalised quickly in the Blacks side of a classical Dutch defence, improved to a+100 ish plus but could not see a way to go on to win. So decided to exchange Queens down to a lost K+P endagame when clearly drawn, and Geoff played it well from there.. pushing too hard ‘ unquote.
so 0-1

Board 2 – Simon Fox retained a nice positional advantage from the opening in a C3 Scillian setup and as the pressure built his opponent lost a rook and it was all over

Board 3 – Simon Paterson game was materially equal although his opponent had a dangerous pawn on D6 with cover and a superior position but could not find a way to win and then made a blunder similar to the previous game by losing a rook and it was all over.

Board 4 was yours truly making his first appearance for a couple of months with the white pieces against an opponent coming back to play after a long absence. It was a standard Scillian with white gaining an advantage after some passive moves from black. The breakthrough came when Black came forward on the K side and got into a mess on the q side losing an exchange but gaining tempo. He went further behind by losing a bishop for 2 pawns but then in the moment of need mounted a K side pawn attack. Both players getting near to the overall time control and the nerves twitching for yours truly found a neat way to sac another pawn for a rook and king mate – it worked and the evening was complete.

3-1 Poole and well done to all players and Dorchester for playing all matches in a good and enjoyable spirit.

From Poole’s perspective there will be other hard battles to be fought before the end of the season.

March 5, 2017