Dorset Junior Championships – 9 February 2019

The Dorset Junior championships will be held this Saturday at the same venue as last year at the Bournemouth School for Girls Grammar school, Castle Gate Close, BH 8 9 UJ.

To date we have received 53 entries which covers age groups from year 3 to year 12. The event will be the biggest gathering of budding young talent in the local Junior chess calendar

There will be 6 rounds with age groups segregated by year 3/4/5, 5/6/7 and year 8 upwards.

It promises to a fun day with all the local juniors displaying their chess skills in an attempt to gain as many points as possible.

The doors will be open at 9.30 am and we hope to start the 1st round by 10 am and forecast 6 rounds to be completed by 4 pm.

Light refreshments are on offer and all are welcome to come along and see some of our young starlets and some Poole Bacchus players competing.

Its very rewarding seeing all these Juniors playing together in one hall so if you have time please come along.


February 7, 2019