Dorchester jumboree 2019 winners

Dorchester Jamboree 2019

C Stanciu – J Forster  0-1

M Littleton – J Weatherlake  0.5-0.5

R Smith – M Steevens  1-0

D Aldwinckle – S Patterson  0.5-0.5

T Alsop – E Sachs  0-1

C Roberts – R Quinn  1-0


A great start to the season for Poole Chess club for retaining their title in Dorchester with 4 points out of possible 6.

Richie finished first with a solid win against Malcolm, who played a very unusual opening (at least unusual for me, as I haven’t seen it being played anywhere else). First point for Poole, quite early in the evening, so it looked very promising.

Simon Patterson finished second; he drew his game. I didn’t see much of his game, but we were 1.5 out of 2. So far so good.

John drew against Mark Littleton, in a game which looked like a draw right from the beginning. Mark seemed aware of John’s tactics as he forced early exchange of pieces and tried to keep the game simple. I wasn’t surprised when they agreed for a draw, so we were 2 out of 3 points.

I played in place of Mike D in this competition, but obviously not successfully. After a very good opening, I managed to make a mess of my position, handing James the point. Very frustrating, but somehow expected because this is the difference between someone who practices and studies a lot and someone who doesn’t.  2 out of 4 didn’t look so good at this moment, Wimborne, Ringwood and Dorchester were ahead of us in the table.

Looking at Christine’s and Eric’s position, I became very optimistic, as both were doing well. First to finish was Christine, she managed to check her opponent and force him to change his Queen for a Rook. He looked at the clock and realised that Christine had plenty of time left, so he resigned.  3 points out of 5 and there were only 2 games still being played in the room.

I checked the scores; Dorchester and Ringwood finished their games on 3.5 points. Wimborne were on 3 points, with a player still in play. He lost, and I was happy…….how sad is that….

Eric pinned his opponent’s queen somehow, and everything was over. His opponent resigned so Poole finished with 4 points and we took the Dorchester Jamboree trophy back proudly.

First trophy of the season for Poole Chess Club.  Let’s hope more to come!

Thanks everyone for playing, and thanks to Dorchester Chess Club for hosting and inviting us.




Ciprian Stanciu
September 14, 2019