Division 4 – Poole D 1.5/2.5 Southbourne D

There are no easy games even in Division 4 and the D team are coming into the game with confidence after a good start to the season and were leading the table.

The grades are fairly even and battle commences.

All games are pretty level until Seth makes a poor move on Bd 2 and finds him a piece down with Q & Knight against 3 pieces 2 undeveloped. Attacks the fairly open K but misses a forces combo with Q to make a perpetual check and draw the game. Shame 0-1

Almost immediately Dave Burt agrees a draw against John Harris on Board 1 in a closed and tight position. On analysis there may be have been marginal advantage for John but already with a win for Southbourne on Bd 2 took the draw.

Meanwhile Richie was giving all against Frank Hamilton-Taylor, and I am not sure if he was aware of the overall score but played some quite adventorous chess to gain an open position on the Q side to push a pawn through to conclusion and win the game. This was an excellent win given his opponent wished the draw and offered it a few times. Well done.

So the match is all square and Chris Ambrose makes the time control after 35 moves and offers his opponent a draw – no suprise then but the position is level and a draw given all would be fair. However David Arorash (aka Bermuda Dave, a Flirt hustler) has other ideas and wishes to play on. Your writer took a breather from the tension came back to the game, lo and behold David’s Queen appeared behind the K and forced the K through the web of the q side pawn structure and I thought of Mikhail Tal – The K is a strong piece! Not so, a draw was offered again and refused and then bang the movement and power of the Queen seen in oneĀ  simple move – Q – G2 … no answer to Q B2 check and B mate – all faces are serious now but the fat lady was getting ready and yes there was no answer… David had won for his team and the match.

Well played Southbourne and hard luck to the Poole team, good effort, moving on to the next game.

November 22, 2017