Division 1 – Poole A 2 Ringwood 2

In a tight match where reserves were brought in at short notice for both teams the match finished 2-2 which was a fair end result considering all.
Poole out graded our visitors with the exception of Board 1 as Martin Clancey played Chip.

Sandu playing on Board 4 had a good and comprehensive win against Darrel Sturney winning a piece, consolidating the position and then stormed through to finish off.

So Poole with the win were soon pegged back as Martin Clancey playing Chip had a very strong central position and found a big advantage with the rooks on open C and E files hitting at the Queen. Chip defended very well but Martin is far to strong a player not to allow his advantage break through. So it was 1-1

Next to finish was Sergiu playing Neil Woodger in a game not too different from board 1 and when Sergiu slipped up on a calculation Neil broke through and won the game. This was dissappointing as the 1-0 advantage was now 1-2.

All on Hiru playing Malcolm Day on board 3. Hiru played well and ended up with a Bishop to the good but had to fight off a passed pawn which he did with accurate play and won the game to level the match.

Always good to host Ringwood as the match was played in the right spirit and we move on.

Thanks to all our players for representing Poole and giving all.

Next match is Southbourne A away on the 17/2.

January 27, 2017