Division 1 – 30/11/18 – A team draw at Southbourne B

On the last day of naughty November our A team drew 2-2 against Southbourne B on Friday night.

We had out- graded the home team considerably but as I keep saying  …. what do grades mean? Anyway that’s another subject.

The evening started well when Mike on Bd 2 playing Russell (Pegg) got an immediate advantage in the opening with the black pieces, attacked the centre squares and pieces, won a piece and hands were shaken after just 13 moves – 1-0 Poole. Well done Mike and great to be back on the winning trail.

Tick tock, tick tock,  heads down, walking, looking, thinking and  all seemed even on the other boards until John on Bd 3 playing John (Catchpole) took the opportunity to win an exchange on the back row with the board scattered. However in chess their is pain as in life when something seems a little easy and John C found an excellent square for his Kn on C7 attacking a Rook and then doubled the threat with his second rook waiting to to pounce. Bang, bang and our John’s Queen was removed from the board in a neat combo.

So John had Rook and Knight for the Queen and still had some chances but the Queen was overpowering in the middle of all the action and had enough to secure the win. Hard luck John and really played John C, so 1-1.

Meanwhile on Bd 4 David playing Michael Litchfield did not have the best of openings and after the Queens were exchanged with little active play it was hard to see anything happening other than a mistake or inaccurate play. A draw was agreed and 1.5/1.5.

Martin (ours) playing Martin Simons were both overlooking the other boards and could have  had a very small advantage, had a chance to sac a piece for 2 pawns but decided it was too chancy given the match score and so agreed a draw in the game and consequently the match 2-2.

Well played our team in what is always a difficult match and thanks to Martin and the Southbourne team for playing the match as always in good spirit and making us feel welcome.

Onwards and upwards and on to our local derby match this Wednesday 5/12  vs our friends and colleagues from Poole B , no tickets required and all visitors more than welcome.






December 2, 2018