Hampshire Junior Open Tournament – Sunday 28th November 2021

Congratulations to both Leo and Zander scoring 6/6 in the under 10’s & under 12’s. Scoring maximum points was a real achievement and frankly they had both beaten all before them by the 5th round.

By winning the event they have gained automatic qualification into the London Junior Chess Championships being held at Earls Court in late December.

Also well done to Harry Mercer scoring 2/6 who played better than his score suggests and did so well to keep going for all 6 rounds. Your time will come Harry!



I was so pleased to be present to watch some of the games and see how strong they are becoming especially against a much wider array of opposition.



Just a reminder the Xmas party is on the 16/12 at the Elstead Hotel and I am delighted we  have 25 club members and guests that have booked. There is room for 1/2 more if you book in the next couple of days, no later than the 4/12.

Many thanks for those that have paid to date and a gentle reminder for others to arrange payment by no later than 11/12. I am sure we will have an enjoyable and fun evening.


The Dorset league Division 3 match @ Wimborne scheduled for 1/12 has been postponed at Wimborne’s request and will be played in January.

Our B team will be taking on Bournemouth A at home on Thursday night 2/12  and our Bacchus league team will be taking on Highcliffe Castles, good luck to both teams. It’s it sure to be a full house with other club members around so hopefully we can use the middle room or the bar as an overspill.

The management at the club have asked to ensure all our club players have joined the British Legion now, please check.   In addition,  they have  requested any non members that visit the club that come into the bar buy at least one drink, which is reasonable. I am aware some of our club members do their very best to boost the bar takings every Thursday at the very least!


We are experiencing an increase which is great in our Saturday sessions at the Elstead. Our band of helpers have increased lately with the welcome addition of Tony Sanderson and Simon Fox. We still welcome and would like any members that would like to give a 20 minute presentation to our advanced players or can help with absolute beginners to let me know. The club is thriving and we are seeing real progress in some of our juniors that are now coming to the club on Thursday nights. Thanks to Graham/Steve and anyone that has supported us in the last few months. The show goes on and the kids & parents are very appreciative.



December 1, 2021