Club Update and Annual General Meeting (AGM) on the 2/9/21

We had  a good turn out last Thursday on our initial return to Thursday nights at the club.

There were about a dozen members that came along to enjoy and play chess and given a range of standards all managed to play some fast and slower games. Welcome back David Burt after a long absence through illness, we even managed to get the chair lift going!  It was also good to see a few of our budding chess juniors playing and taking tips from the senior members too.

I hope other members will come along now and join in when they feel  comfortable enough given the current level of Covid infections still around, and a reminder you are always welcome whenever you are ready to return.

We do however, need to have an AGM to discuss the following:

TIME AND DATE 2/9/21 AT 7.30PM

Those members that wish to return to OTB league chess

Formation of teams allowing for members to return

Club Fees/British Legion Fees/ECF renewals.

Election of Officers

A dedicated Poole 4NCL team

Chess at Flirt cafe


It would be good if we could have a full turn out for the AGM and it would be appreciated if you could let either Graham or myself know if you are attending of not.

If you cannot attend, we will need to know if you plan to re-join the club or to return to league chess for the this season 21/22.

In the meantime other clubs are meeting up on their regular nights so hopefully this will trigger off a return to chess as we used to know it or something similar.

Paul Errington from Bournemouth Club has challenged us to a match any time in the next few weeks so we can arrange this once I know how many of our members are interested in returning and playing.

On a positive note we have had one or two new players coming down to the club at various standards and there is a genuine increased interest to return to OTB chess around the area.

Please advise either  me/Graham regarding the AGM


August 5, 2021